Who I am

I am a designer and front end developer based in Glasgow

With qualifications in multimedia technology, as well as experience as a front end developer, I have worked on a multitude of various projects. I currently work for Standard Life in Edinburgh as a Digitial Publishing Consultant and I have previously worked in similar roles wtih RBS and Scottish Enterprise. I have also worked on a number of freelance projects, my most recent being Eclectic Ink and Yaknak Project.


I also like to create images using Photoshop, here are three examples.


A half and half guitar. I tried to make the head of the guitar very realistic and detailed and make the body more abstract with just basic shapes.


Using basic shapes layered in the right way I managed to capture the beauty and majesty of a tiger.


I saw a picture of some seagulls that had exellent colours and contrast. I decided to replicate it using Photoshop.